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Great article. As you may suspect, I have ideas on this. Biden's approval ratings affect the high grass of political pundits, blowing them in the direction of "Look at the energy of the administration! Look at all their success! Biden 2024 is a sure thing!" Next week, they'll be predicting his political demise.

Biden himself is unlikely to step aside, anoint an heir apparent, or dump Harris from the ticket. Like Trump, if he's alive, he'll run. If he's not alive, the Democratic Party will plan to nominate Harris and see how the primaries go to pick a running mate. In this scenario, were I Gavin, I'd run. But it all promotes weakness for the Dems. A Ron DeSantis, if he can reign in the MAGA, can beat any of them. Lousy candidates (see Truman, Harry, 1948) can become great ones with the right motivation and message. Do we need new people in politics? Yes. But they have to believe in something that resonates with most of us, then run on that.

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